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Begin by packing the small items. Wrap any fragile items such as artwork, picture frames, decor items with wrapping paper, place these items carefully in boxes and add more paper into the boxes to create proper buffing. label each box with the items and write "Fragile" on any box that has breakable items. Pack books, CD records and any items on bookshelves into labeled boxes. Books can get very heavy so we advise using out plastic moving boxes for any of your heavy items. They are seal-able and extremely stable.

Next pack the electronics, i.e Television, Home Theatre, Computers etc. Place them in their original box(es) if you still have them. If you do not have their original boxes, carefully wrap them with wrapping paper and secure it with cellotape. For the Tv you can cover with a carton to protect it and secure it in place with a cellotape. Indicate any fragile items as well. Place smaller electronics such as wires extension cables wrapped properly and in a labeled box.

Wrap your furniture. Use our stretch wrap to cover the seats, table stools etc to prevent them from dust, water, and scratches. Finally roll up your carpet.


If you have a mounted tv our professionals can help you dismount it, so feel free to leave it. We also will help you with the Zuku or DSTV installations