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6 ways avoid getting conned when moving houses

By January 8, 2017November 24th, 2018No Comments

Moving scams are on the increase and it is becoming seemingly harder and harder to trust moving companies in big cities like Nairobi. Today we embark on addressing this elephant in the room.

To begin with, let’s get 3 things out of the way:

  1. Are moving scams real? Yes.
  2. Can they be avoided? Yes.
  3. How? Take out your notebook 🙂

1. Get experienced moving companies
With the rapid increase in moving companies, it becomes harder and harder to tell who is legit and who’s not. Moving companies with experience are more reliable than those that are just starting out, (even in terms of service and professionalism).

2. Start planning the move well in advance
Last minute rushes make a lot of people susceptible to scams. Planning in advance will give adequate time for you to contact various companies, compare prices and services, check reviews, and choose the most suitable company for you.

3. Ask for References
No serious company will have a problem with providing names and contact information of some satisfied customers. Call the contacts and inquire about the services.

4. Check their social media reviews.
This is where we have a lot of honest feedback. Clients will always air their satisfaction or dissatisfaction. If there are no reviews then be wary. Read and see what people say about the company.

5. Have a written contract
Do not rely on word of mouth. Have a written contract which can serve as evidence in a court of law. The contract should be inclusive of the amount charged and every detail discussed in the agreement between the parties.

6. Ensure the company has a physical location.
Internet only companies may not always be reliable. A serious company will have a physical location, otherwise the company can be here today and gone tomorrow.


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