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3 tips to make House Moving easier for your kids

By November 20, 2017No Comments

According to recent studies, adults who experienced frequent House Moving as kids have fewer high quality relationships and tend to score lower on well-being and life satisfaction. This is because moving gives kids anxiety. The main cause of this is not knowing whether they will like their new school, make new friends or even enjoy their new home.

Fortunately, here are some ways to make moving easier for your kids:

3 tips to make House Moving easier for your kids

  1. Explain to them why you are moving. It is important that your kids understand why you have to move. Whether you are moving to get closer to work or any other reason, kids need to feel included in the process. This way, they understand why it is important for them to move. As well, this helps them understand why their parents made the decision.
  2. Involve them in packing, unpacking and setting up the new house .¬†Adults get depressed when they are left alone to brood. Kids too. By involving them in the moving activities, you ensure they don’t get time to brood and sulk about leaving their friends behind.
  3. Don’t “perch”. Settle. One of the reasons that families moving to a new home have such a hard time is that they do not really settle in the new house. You move to a new town not knowing whether you will live there for a few months, a year or even five. Thus, you never really commit to staying. You don’t make new friends, or set down roots. Although starting afresh be painful, it is still better than not allowing yourself to be part of your new community. Your son/daughter needs it even more.

There you have it. In conclusion, do not forget that House Moving will affect your kids as much as it affects you!

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