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Moving companies in Nairobi, Kenya – how to find good movers

By August 10, 2016June 19th, 2019No Comments

If you are new to Nairobi and trying to move houses, you will realize that it is hard to find reliable moving companies. This is because there are hundreds of moving companies in Nairobi, and as such it becomes harder to tell which is which.

It is thus really important to find out the good companies from the decoys.There’s nothing as bad as hiring a briefcase company that goes on to disappoint you.

We recently wrote about 5 factors to consider when moving houses, and considering those is the first step towards ensuring you find a good moving company in Nairobi.

That being said, here are some of the things to look for in moving companies in Nairobi:

1.Does the company have an office space?

There are hundreds of briefcase moving companies in Nairobi and most of all those companies that have no physical location, have no official phone numbers and have no “face”. Their founders are not accessible, the staff insist on not having a physical meeting. Be wary.

Kejamove: Moving company in Nairobi, Kenya

Kejamove: Moving company in Nairobi, Kenya

 2. Reviews

A company that does not actively collect customer reviews is a company that does not produce quality work.It gioes without saying that if I do a good job, i’d want the whole world to know about this. At kejamove we ask each and every one of our clients to review us here. Why? Because we are proud of our level of service. Very few moving companies in nairobi do this.

3. How responsive are they?

The more responsive a company is to inquiries, the more responsive they will be to complaints, simple as that. Therefore, should something go wrong during a move, you’d want a responsive moving company handling that. Otherwise that should be a deal-breaker in making your choice for a moving company in nairobi.

So, let the professionals, kejamove handle your move. Get a free estimate for your move here.below.

Joshua Mutua

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