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Why you should consider hiring a full service moving company

By July 25, 2016One Comment

People move because of a number of reasons; it may be in search of new neighbors, new job opportunities or adventure. Ideally, it opens up new possibilities of discovering what an area has to offer. Sometimes, people move to pocket friendly areas to merit what their wallet can afford in terms of rent.

The biggest question is; how do you move your stuff? Do you use a wheelbarrow or people to carry your bed and clothes? May be you are that guy who carries one thing at a time in a span of one month because you don’t want your neighbors to know that you are moving :).

Moving companies are here to simplify things and make it easier for tenants or companies to chauffer property without stress. However, before approaching a moving company, one must consider a number of things, like professionalism, ethics and efficiency. Some companies may take advantage of you by not only extorting money from your pocket but also steal.

Here is a rundown of the advantages of hiring a full service moving company:

Stress free

Moving can be hectic and extremely stressful. If fact, it has often been reported that it is the most stressful planned life event. Hiring professional full service moving companies a majority of this stress can be alleviated. Letting them handle the packing and loading of the truck can take the burden off of your shoulders.

Asset protection and storage

I wouldn’t want people to steal my laptop or camera because my whole life depends on them. So what happens if a “tuk tuk” guy gets away with them? Can I sue them? Anyway, you can protect your assets by hiring a moving company. Ordinarily, a full service moving company can store your items for you. The movers will still pack all of your belongings into boxes and load them into a truck. However, rather than driving them to your new home, they will take them to their storage facility until you are ready to move into your new home.

Packing materials and workers

Don’t exploit your kids by letting them walk four kilometers with a couch on their backs. When you hire professional movers, you don’t have to worry about who carries what or how to wrap assets. The moving company provides all of the boxes, workers, packing tape, and everything else that may be needed to get your belongings safely to their new destination. Plus, once everything is packed, you don’t have to worry about what to do with any extra material because the movers take it all with them.

Saves time

When you are moving there is often a timetable of when things have to be done. Whether you need to be out of your current residence for a specific reason or you have to be moved to a new city for a job. Even though they add an extra cost to your move, professional movers can have you packed and unpacked in less time than if you did it yourself, making it well worth the extra cost.

Joshua Mutua

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