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Life through & after Covid-19

By May 5, 2020No Comments

We already know that we have a pandemic. A virus spreading all over the world causing pain, stress and costing lives. It’s here in our country, within our communities, hovering somewhere around our estates.

It’s a solemn time.

It’s a serious thing.

Everyone working from home is scared and glued to their Tv screens to catch the latest updates from the authorities or for those like us at Kejamove that have to go outside and move things, are scrolling the social media incessantly trying to ‘catch up’ with the latest developments.

Is this the new normal? Is this what our lives have become? Really?

I’ve come to discover that most of the hysteria you feel and see around is all because of the media. Yes, facebook, twitter and the news. There’s this sense of fear, crippling fear that maybe the world is ending when you see numbers of new infections and fatalities going up and up day in day out. Is it me or do you get your anxiety levels through the roof whenever you try to imagine how long we’re going to be in this? Well, the truth is nobody knows when things are going back to normal.

Why don’t we just relax, take a break from the news and live for a moment? Looks like living in the moment is the new normal to me. I spent the first few weeks into the pandemic like most us.



And constantly consuming news.

Glued to devices. Till i realised that i was getting anxious and overly tired, despite having been indoors all day. It was not working for me and i had to do something to remain positive, calm and focused. I have created a routine of daily activities that i will share with you here 🙂

Gratitude & Meditation
You wake up, you have air in your lungs, you have a roof and a door, clothes to wear and food to eat you have to be thankful. I came to the realisation that the very basic needs are not to be taken for granted. Covid19 has brought that reality closer home.
Nowadays’ I Take a 20-30 minutes in the morning to be still, have clarity and some calm before i get to start the day.

It helps me to quiet the mind.

To allow thoughts to come and drift away.

To not think.

Exercise, Hydrate & Eat healthy
Morning run and push ups. Gives me the energy, both spiritual and physical to carry me through the days’ activities.
Drink a lot of fluids throughout the day, avoid meat and take a lot of fruits & vegetables.

Tone down Social Media and the news
I have set a rule not to watch any news or get onto social media before 1pm. This allows my mind to stay focused on work uninterrupted. I also take breaks in between and visualize real life situations about business, family & society. Most of strategies and goals come to life during this time. I take the time to harness the law of attraction.

While doing all the above, let’s be reminded to stay home, keep distance, wash hands regularly and always wear a mask whenever stepping out of the house.

Brian Kaleli

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