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Packing the Kitchen

By June 10, 2024No Comments

This room may as well be the most intimidating room to pack. But you don’t have to worry there is a simple way to make sure it’s done correctly.

Start packing the items in drawers. These probably include cups, plates, serving dishes etc that you probably don’t use daily. Use the wrapping paper to wrap each item individually, be generous with the wrapping paper.

You need the following:

  • Boxes,
  • wrapping paper,
  • tape
  • a marker pen and
  • patience.

The reason we recommend wrapping paper is because it’s plain as compared to a newspaper and it doesn’t transfer paint onto your lovely dishes. You can get all these items here:

Packing Plates and Cups

When packing plates, cups and glasses, always make sure they are completely dry to avoid slipping. Wrap each item individually and be generous with the wrapping paper. Place the plates together in a box in vertical position, never horizontal.

Place the cups in one box together add extra wrapping paper in the sides to add more buffing. Do the same for the glasses. Add extra paper at the top before sealing the box with cello tape. Label each box and indicate if fragile. Our plastic moving boxes provide extra protection for your fragile items during your move, feel free to rent one here:

Packing plastics and Metal items

This is probably the perfect time to toss out all those Tupperware lids that don’t go with any of your plastic dishes (you know which ones I’m talking about). Plastics are not fragile so place them in a box, seal and label. Wrap pots and pans in wrapping paper and place then in boxes. Label the boxes as well.

Packing food

Begin by wrapping any opened packets of food with stretch wrap, tape or staple them to prevent them from spilling. Make sure all the lids of any liquids are completely closed. Place all dry foodstuff together and the wet foodstuff together. Label the boxes. Use bags to pack your fruit and veggies. Place any food you have in the in the fridge in a cooler, if you don’t have one we provide one on the day of the move.

Fridge: Always switch off your fridge the night before moving.

Packing kitchen electronics

Pack your extension cables, hand mixer, blender, hot water kettle, etc in the boxes they came in. if you don’t have the boxes, wrap each item with wrapping paper and carefully place them in a box. For a compact pack, add extra wrapping paper to minimise movement in the box.

Cooker: Disconnecting gas pipe and electric connection. Always leave electric connections to proper professionals. Close the gas valve on the gas tank properly before disconnecting the pipe.

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